Best Joyrides Around Thousand Oaks

scenic californian road

A powerful and performance-minded new Porsche begs to be taken out and let loose. If you need some assistance finding the best joy rides around Thousand Oaks, look no further than Porsche Westlake. Today we showcase our favorite places to take to the road in your favorite Porsche model.

Malibu Canyon

Malibu Canyon road

Once you exit the curving roadways of Malibu Canyon, you will be well-rewarded with gorgeous views of the mountains that surround Malibu and the expansive Pacific Ocean. Leave the PCH and head to the canyon and you will leave the water and sky behind while you climb the winding roads surrounded by the glory of Malibu Canyon itself. Whether you want open air and fresh sea breeze, or to marvel at the rock formations, this drive is a feast for the eyes. And, if you opt to get out and do some hiking in the Canyon, you will be treated to even more of Southern California beauty.

Mulholland Highway

When taking the scenic route through Calabasas, the Mulholland Highway is a must. This highway provides dazzling views, and you might even be able to spot local wildlife, including deer. If you want to explore the natural California beauty, even more, take Mulholland Highway to Liberty Canyon Natural Preserve. No matter if you choose to get out and hike the grasslands, or stay behind the wheel of your Porsche, you will enjoy the soothing beauty and break from the city.

Santa Monica Mountains

Mulholland Highway also winds its way through the Santa Monica Mountains, passing vineyards, parks, and abundant stopping spots for you to appreciate the amazing view. This scenic route isn’t for everyone, as these twisting roads feature sharp drop-offs which can be intimidating for those with a fear of heights or experience car sickness. Still, if you are looking for a scenic route with some excitement, the Santa Monica Mountains are worth the trip.

Prepare for Your Joyride at Porsche Westlake

If you want to check out joyrides around Malibu, or need to update your Porsche service before you hit the open road, contact Porsche Westlake. We can get your prepared to enjoy your time on the roadways in and around Thousand Oaks today!