Porsche Financial Service Offers

  • Welcome to the Porsche Program

    Welcome to the Porsche Program

    Our Welcome to Porsche program ushers you into the Porsche family and puts you in control of your dream vehicle.

    1. You are currently leasing through a competitive brand but have had your eyes on driving a Porsche vehicle for as long as you can remember.
    1. Stop into your local Porsche dealership and get approval through Porsche Financial Services.
    1. Receive a credit for up to 3 equivalent payments (up to $1,500 each) on your current lease.
    1. With those 3 payments (up to a total of $4,500), you’re out of your old lease quickly and on the road driving your new Porsche vehicle.
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    Model Year 2020 Panamera Vehicles. Welcome to Porsche (WTP) eligibility requires that customers are currently leasing a competitive vehicle, and lease or finance through PFS an eligible vehicle. The competitive lease agreement is restricted to those within 180 days of the maturity date as o the new PFS contract date. The WTP program benefits are not transferable. Program eligibility is restricted to lessee/co-lessee on the existing competitive lease agreement. Please see your participating Porsche dealer for additional benefits and eligibility requirements of WTP.

  • End of Term Loyalty Waiver Program

    End of Term Loyalty Waiver Program

    Since you’re a returning Porsche Financial Services customer, we understand that you’re loyal to us – and we’re happy to return the sentiment. The End of Term Lease Loyalty Program puts innovation close at hand.

    1. You are a current Porsche Financial Services lease customer who is ready to upgrade, switching out to a new model you’ve had your eyes on.
    2. Porsche Financial Services may waive up to 12 remaining payments of your current Porsche Financial Services lease when you lease or retail finance your new Porsche vehicle with Porsche Financial Services.
    3. Drive off in your new model, fitted with the latest technology, for a term that fits your budget and lifestyle
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    End of Term Lease Loyalty Program Offer (EOTLLP) Terms and Conditions: Qualifying customers are eligible fora waiver of up to 3 remaining payments under an existing Porsche Financial Services (PFS) lease agreement upon vehicle turn-in when customer executes a new PFS lease or finance contract for an eligible Porsche vehicle, Certain qualifying customers may be eligible for a waiver of up to 12 remaining payments, depending on vehicle model and year of existing lease and vehicle model and year of new lease. An eligible vehicle is a new and untitled Porsche vehicle, Existing PFS lease agreement with an original term of less than 24 months is not eligible for the program. Customer must return existing lease vehicle (see existing lease agreement for return details) concurrent with entering into a new PFS lease agreement or PFS finance contract. Customer is responsible for satisfaction of all other terms and conditions of the existing lease agreement (excess mileage, excess wear and use, late charges, past-due or non-waived payments and any other fees or charges owed under the contract), The PFS EOTLLP is only applicable for scheduled payments on the existing lease agreement due on or after the new PFS contract date (Single Pay lease customers are not eligible), Past due payments are ineligible for the EOTLLP offer. The number of monthly payments waived is based on the remaining term of the existing PFS lease agreement. The maximum number of payments waived will depend on the vehicle model and year. The amount of each monthly payment waived is set forth under the customer’s existing PFS lease agreement. Maximum amount of each individual monthly payment waiver is $2,500. If the monthly payment is greater than the maximum amount, the customer will receive the $2,500 waiver (customer is responsible for any difference between the waiver and the monthly payment), Upon vehicle return, PFS will waive the Disposition Fee. The PFS EOTLLP cannot be redeemed for cash, nor can its value be applied or credited towards the new sale, lease or finance transaction. Limit one PFS EOTLLP offer per specified customer account. PFS EOTLLP is non-transferable. Contact your authorized Porsche Dealer for details.