Protect Your Porsche

Buying a Porsche is, basically, investing money.  With up to 75% of Porsche vehicles ever made still on the road today, used, vintage, and classic Porsches are much sought after possessions on the secondary market.


As a premier Porsche dealer, we provide our customers with innovative solutions when it comes to owning and driving a Porsche. We want to help our customers maintain the resale value of their investment. 

With this in mind, we're introducing some key partners that will help protect your vehicle against rock chips, the sun, road hazards and other environmental damage. 

We offer simple and inexpensive ways to maintain the appearance of your Porsche and protect your investment.   
Ghost Shield's 3M transparent film prevents rock chips and pitting in the front end of the vehicle while also preserving the exterior paint from sun damage and scratches.

The film is computer cut to the precise dimensions of your vehicle and wraps around the edges and body panels with no seams or lines. The product is smooth, 100% transparent and includes a 5 year warranty. This process takes only a few hours and can be installed on-site.     

Since your tires and wheels are often the first part of your car to sustain damage, Safe Guard's Tire & Wheel protection will put your mind at ease  

This coverage offers unlimited claims to repair wheels and replace tires due to curb rash, punctures from nails or screws and any other damage caused while on the road. For wheel damage that is beyond repair, the program will cover your replacement and includes up to $100 reimbursement toward towing costs.  
Contact us today to learn more about the many products we offer.  
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